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Growers' Corner


Dodong Acab, Dumaguete grower

Dodong Acab.png

“El nino in the 1st semester & strong wind and heavy rain brought by Habagat affected my harvest and resulted to less income from Balangon.”

“Despite of this, I would still want to continue planting balangon because in previous years, I have big income from it. I wanted to recover that.  Balangon offers high price and sure market. With the farm gate buying practice, it cost me no additional hauling cost. I’m trying to expand plantings in areas less prone to strong winds.”

August 2019

Perfecto Cruz, Tupi grower

Perfecto Cruz.png

"My farm was hit by strong wind twice this year. The first was in February that damaged 152 mats. The second was in April that damaged 257 mats, most of which were fruit bearing. Another weather disturbance I experience was the El Niño, which affected the followers and slowed down the recovery of plants growth."


"Despite of this, I am still optimistic to Balangon. Not all the time is El Niño, not all the time there is strong wind. Some or many times are mine too. In fact, I have replanted around 300 using seed bagged Balangon plantlets."

August 2019

p2p Stories

Balangon Activities

November 12, 2019. TUBAGA joined a relief operation activity organized by Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)- South Cotabato for victims of earthquake in Makilala, North Cotabato.  TUBAGA prepared 100 packs of ripen Balangon and bottled water.

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October 2019. Series of strong earthquake shook Mindanao: Magnitude 6.3 on October 16, magnitude 6.6 on October 29, and magnitude 6.5 on October 31.


Among those badly affected was North Cotabato province where our p2p partner Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development is based.

partners forum.jpg
partners forum (4).jpg
partners forum (6).jpg

October 4, 2019. The people-to-people Balangon network gathered in Bacolod City from 13 social organizations in the Philippines, Japan and Korea.

Pagador Farm OHN Spraying.jpg
Pagador Farm OHN Spraying (4).jpg
Pagador Farm OHN Spraying (3).jpg

September 2019. Fermented concoctions, such as fermented fruit juices (FFJ) and oriental herb nutrients (OHN) , spraying by TUBAGA Producers Cooperative in Tupi to control sigatoka leaf disease.

Lamlahak struck by tornado (5).jpg
Lamlahak struck by tornado (6).jpg
Lamlahak struck by tornado (4).jpg

September 13, 2019. Lamlahak, major source of Balangon in Lake Sebu was struck by tornado. Estimated toppled bananas is around 500 fruit-bearing mats.

MK Dairy Farm hit by tornado (4).JPG
MK Dairy Farm hit by tornado (5).JPG
MK Dairy Farm hit by tornado.JPG

August 2, 2019. Don Bosco Foundation for Sustainable Development, Inc (DBFSD) dairy farm was struck by tornado.

Erwin and Empig in Japan.jpg
Erwin and Empig in Japan (3).jpg

March 2019. Erwin Solano (Balangon Manager, ATPI) and Rodolfo Empig (Chairman, TUBAGA) attended the Banana staff meeting, a conference participated by Japanese consumer cooperatives, Balangon producers, and ATPI and ATJ.

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