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About Altertrade

Altertrade recognizes:

  • That Food is Life.  Food is parallel to human existence and the survival and growth of a society depends on the scarcity or abundance of food for its people.

  • Access to Food limited to a few.  In the Philippines, 25.3% (roughly 25M) of Filipinos live below poverty threshold;  8M Filipinos suffer moderate hunger, 4.1M Filipinos in state of chronic hunger;  33.6% of Filipino children 5 yrs and below in state of stunted growth; and figures are increasing.

  • Availability of Safe Food is almost non-existent.  A serious problem of people dying and infected with food-born diseases and from water contamination.  Food giant companies have conditioned people to consume chemical-drenched produce, processed products and hormone-filled animal products.


Real Food Movement advocacy for Altertrade means:

  •   We are advocates and consumers of Real Food – food that is Non-GMO, organic, ecologically-grown, not altered nor contaminated, produced through eco-friendly agriculture practices, traceable, fairly produced and traded, locally produced, rooted on values and culture, upholds indigenous traditions and farming practices, slow food not fast food, food with a face / a story, healthy and nutritious, affordable, accessible and of good quality.  Food that connects and empowers producers and consumers.  (insert Real Food wheel)


Altertrade hopes for a Food System where…

  • We grow what we eat

  • We grow enough to meet our basic dietary needs to become active and healthy

  • We determine what we process and how we distribute

  • We produce other  products for trade with those we need but cannot produce, without undermining our security and sovereignty.


Real Food Movement of producers and consumers for food safety, security, and sovereignty.

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